The Isle of Tears - Spinalonga


At the Fish Eyes

At the Fish Eyes. with a fisheye, an outing with the Meike 6.5/2

The Crawler

Deep Purple

Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

Low Key

Dancing in the wind

Long story short, we were there for a walk by the seaside, these two guys did an excellent choreography flying over the sea. I really don't know where exactly ends the effort for art and starts a plain shutter therapy. Whatever it is, it is really beautiful...!!!

Golden Years

Back in the distant 2009, a collection of classic shots of the golden hour ... Sunrise, in the port of Heraklion, a very beautiful place for walking and rejuvenation. Just before the destruction of my generation ... An economic catastrophe awaited us, to be followed by a pandemic one.
God Fucked us, twice...